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We provide private instruction to help students reach their full academic potential. Our one-on-one tutoring, weekly tutorials and highly acclaimed review sessions have helped thousands of students improve their grades.

Grade Boost Program

Let us guide you through your course using our popular weekly tutorials, which include summary notes, clear instruction, and practise problems to prepare you for your assignments and exams.

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Work one-on-one or in a group of your choosing. Our tutors have extensive experience and know your course inside-out. Come prepared with questions for your tutor to answer!

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Test prep

Our review sessions teach you what you need to know for your exam! Your course booklet includes lessons, summary notes and key practice questions. In addition you access to the course community.

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We take pride in featuring the highest quality teachers and video lessons.

  • Worldclass instructors with minimum a MSc degree
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Live Test Prep Sessions

Access expert instructors who truly know your courses through in-depth live test prep sessions.

  • Exam tips and tricks
  • Course booklets
  • Exam practice with full solutions
  • Course community access

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Weekly Tutorial

Each week we breakdown the relevant course concept into practical, easy to follow processes.

Exam review

Before your midterm and final we will review and practice all the key concepts. our signature study packs are the gold standard in test prep.

Learning Community

Never feel alone in your learning process. Our students work together to challenge and support each other. We facilitate a collaborative online community.

Summary Notes

Save time and stay on track with our coveted weekly summary notes. Never doubt what you should be studying.

Mock Exams

The best way to prepare for an exam is through a mock exam. Our mock exams will help you know what to expect on an exam and will help you develop your test taking skills.

Exam Check Ins

Connect one-on-one with subject expert before exams to ensure you have the skills and confidence to get the grade you want. We will make sure you are focused on the critical tasks.

Stay ahead of the curve. Be prepared for your assignments and exams Learn to be efficient in your studying

Our week-by-week online tutorials are available for Math, Physics, Chemistry and Programming courses! We structure our sessions to keep you on top of your courses and prevent cramming before an exam. These are small group sessions lead by Mas.


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His class average is higher right now, I was afraid that have I had not find you honesty, he would have been in a different situation. His grade improved, class average become higher, and his confidence is rather solid now.

Rizwan Khan

I check with my daughter all the time, and I see she is very confident now, and she told me a lot of times I get the concepts clear now... she is enjoying the classes and wants to continue with master your courses AP physics program.

Dr. Sherri  Sadr


390 students helped
Megan  Polstra


0 students helped
Dr. Hossein  Piri


239 students helped
Masoud  Habibidavijani


444 students helped

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